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We are happy to announce our first RASA meetup in Mumbai on 20th Oct 2018 for chatbot enthusiasts. We will create a cool bot during this 2 hour workshop and show you how quickly you can use RASA stack to deliver a super awesome interactive bot. There will be some RASA swag for pickup during the event for our first 15 enthusiast.

Kindly go through the links and register on the facebook event before the seats gets full. PROMOTE and bring your friends along, Don’t forget to register. We are closing the event soon as this is getting sold off soon…

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Team, please let me know.if anyone is from hyderabad. to disucuss about rasa

Hi Sivaram,

I am from Hyderabad. Would love to meet.

Thanks yogesh for such a quick response.Could you please mail me contact details to

We have created a meetup group to make it more structured. Please join the meetup group and we will announce the meetup dates there as well

@Yogesh, Siva please plan to do it in Hyd and let me know the dates.

PROMOTE The Mumbai Meetup

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Soumya Muherjee Can we have a online session so everyone from all over can join?

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I am also from Hyderabad

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I second neerajb1. Any live stream is Helpful for all people.

a good suggestion we will think over it .

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Swapnil Sanjay Patil

Thanks Swapnil. It will help all to connect and distance will not matter

yes pls do that will be a great help for people not from hyderabad

the hottest local community of RASA :joy: Now I know why every day there are Indian programmers give me like on my Twitter #100DaysofMLCode

Welcome to talk with me on Twitter@zhonghaohe :sunglasses:

Pls provide online session facilities as am from Chennai

We will surely do online RASA meetup soon… stay tuned join the meetup group that we have created locally. Like us on twitter Legobots (@legobots_io) | Twitter for latest updates.

Just want to let you know that we had a wonderful RASA meetup, the first one in India on Oct 20th in Mumbai. To make it most for everyone, we would sharing the learning that we had in that meetup and share the blog link, the video that we have taken during the event.

We will also announcing our next meetup shortly (“May be ONLINE” VOAH…) , so stay tuned. promote meetup group

Like us on twitter Legobots (@legobots_io) | Twitter for latest updates


Amazing job @mukherjeesoumya! Looking forward to the next meetup. :rocket::heart_eyes:

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Do you’ve any plan for Bangalore? i am excited to work on Bots and implement for the clients

Please plan to have in Bangalore also. I’m excited to work on this

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Do you’ve any plan for Bangalore?