Rasa Community( Bangalore)

(Akshit) #1

Hi guys! I’m currently living in Bangalore and working in a startup. I’m building a chat-bot and other cool ML stuff :slight_smile:. Love to plan a meet up with Rasa-minded people working on exciting bots.

(Juste) #2

Hey @Akshit. So cool! Looking forward to hearing about the upcoming events. Maybe you can collaborate with @mukherjeesoumya on this! :slight_smile:

(Deepanshu) #3

Hey @Akshit, Im from Bangalore and currently working on RASA based chatbot. We can plan for a meetup.

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(Akshit) #4

Sure @deepanshu Contact me on akshitjain747@gmail.com. Then we’ll get in touch on a call.

(mohammed razal e) #5

Hi i would like to join rasa community Bangalore

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(Tessy Joseph John) #6

Hey I would also love to meet people

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(Soumya Muherjee) #7

Hi guys, since i was moving city there was a brief silence in organising the India meet-up Bangalore chapter. @Akshit @deepanshu @mohammedrazale @tesssie connect with me on msoumya@live.com. We already have a meetup group which has folks from Mumbai and other parts of India LegoBots - Rasa Meetup (Bangalore Chapter) (Bangalore, India) | Meetup .Please do join and spread the word and lets organise it together :innocent: For Mumbai it is LegoBots - RASA Community (Mumbai Chapter) (Mumbai, India) | Meetup

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(Soumya Muherjee) #8

After the successful launch of the Rasa meetup in Mumbai we have now announced out first Rasa meetup in Bangalore. Promote Promote Promote - http://meetu.ps/e/GJHb2/j3WD4/f watch out on Soumya Mukherjee on Twitter: "Check out this Meetup: LegoBots Rasa Meetup Kickstart https://t.co/ZsjaNJjMNa #Meetup via @Meetup"

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(Soumya Muherjee) #9

Contact me on soumya@legobots.io

We have announced 2nd Bangalore Rasa meetup on RASA X : Improving your Assistant - Getting Started http://bit.ly/2HQ3RwP :rocket: watch out on twitter http://bit.ly/2IcZ7QX

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