LegoBots - RASA Community (India)

(Sakth Launda) #22

Is there any group in delhi NCR area. and any plans for delhi?

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(Prasanna Ganeshu) #23

Any groups in Hyderabad??

(Srikar) #24

Hello @Prabha, I’m from Hyderabad too. I don’t think there’s a separate group for Hyd.

(Prasanna Ganeshu) #25

Hi @srikar_1996, Nice to meet you.Yes,there isn’t any separate group for people in Hyderabad.

(Soumya Muherjee) #26

Hi guys, since i was moving city there was a brief silence in organising the India meet-up Bangalore chapter. Connect with me on whosoever want to start a local chapter in his or her city. We already have a meetup group which has folks for Mumbai LegoBots - RASA Community (Mumbai Chapter) (Mumbai, India) | Meetup. I will create a small chapter groups like this one in bangalore LegoBots - Rasa Meetup (Bangalore Chapter) (Bangalore, India) | Meetup. Please do join and spread the word and lets organise it together :innocent:

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(Soumya Muherjee) #27

I need suggestion as to which platform is suitable to do an online meetup. i am excited to start one for the community.

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(Juste) #28

Woohoo! So excited for this! :star_struck: :rocket:

(Soumya Muherjee) #29

After the successful launch of the Rasa meetup in Mumbai we have now announced out first Rasa meetup in Bangalore. Promote Promote Promote - watch out on Soumya Mukherjee on Twitter: "Check out this Meetup: LegoBots Rasa Meetup Kickstart #Meetup via @Meetup"

(Jayanth) #30

Any one from hyderabad let’s meet up

(Soumya Muherjee) #31

We have announced 2nd Bangalore Rasa meetup on RASA X : Improving your Assistant - Getting Started :rocket: watch out on twitter

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