Rasa community in Pune, India

(Prashant Ramesh Kamble) #1

Hello everyone!. I live in Pune and just started working on Chatbot. I am very excited to meet people who are living in Pune.

(Yogesh Kulkarni) #2

Hi Prashant,

This is Yogesh, from Pune. Are you developing anything using Rasa?


(Prashant Ramesh Kamble) #3

Hi Yogesh,

Yes, I have just started developing bots using RASA platform. I have developed a sample bot by following tutorial video. Also want to explore much more.

So, which is your place?

Thanks & Regards,


(Soumya Muherjee) #4

After the successful launch of the Rasa meetup in Mumbai we have now announced out first Rasa meetup in Bangalore. Promote Promote Promote - http://meetu.ps/e/GJHb2/j3WD4/f watch out on Soumya Mukherjee on Twitter: "Check out this Meetup: LegoBots Rasa Meetup Kickstart https://t.co/ZsjaNJjMNa #Meetup via @Meetup"

(Prakash Dale) #5

Hi Glad to see the Pune group. Surely more members will join soon.

(Prashant Ramesh Kamble) #6

You are always welcome @prakashdale :slight_smile:

(Prakash Dale) #7

Any idea, how to add new action from RasaX frontend?

(Rohit Chandrakant Gore) #8

Hi Sir, I have Created a simple bot but i want that to integrate with django so it can deploy on my webpage. can you please help… i have read the docs also but not found appropriate methods

(Prashant Ramesh Kamble) #9

Yeah @maj3r_x I also haven’t integrated it with Django server, when I found something I will share it with you pal. :slightly_smiling_face:

(JG) #10

hey @prashant_kamble I am living in pune, so if there’s any meetup nearby let me know :wink:

(Prashant Ramesh Kamble) #11

Yeah sure @JiteshGaikwad. Or else we can also have little conversation on rasa over a cup of tea or coffee whichever you feel comfortable :wink::wink:

(JG) #12

you connect with me over linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/jitesh-gaikwad-4b4047b8

(Prashant Ramesh Kamble) #13

@JiteshGaikwad I have sent a connect request. :blush: