Anybody from hyderabad, india in this group

Hi, Is there anybody who is from hyderabad india in this group. I.would like to discuss some basics about rasa stack


Hey @sivaramkappaganthu :slight_smile: Would be worth posting it here as well LegoBots - RASA Community (India) :slight_smile:

Thank you Juste!! Team, please let me know.if anyone is from hyderabad. to disucuss about rasa

Connect with Yogesh to form a local community there, let us know and we will promote :slight_smile:

I am from Hyderabad . I am very new to RASA and I am in a way learning it to create one chatbot.

Regards Deepak Rastogi

Hi There, Just started with Rasa Nlu from Hyderabad

Let’s plan a meet up in Hyderabad. To connect

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I am from Hyderabad Jayanth


I am from Hyderabad