Jitesh Gaikwad joins the Rasa Hero group!

Hey Rasa @community

We are extremely proud to welcome @JiteshGaikwad to the Rasa hero group! :dizzy:

Rasa Heroes are experienced contributors who consistently make high-quality contributions or champions Rasa within communities. Jitesh has been part of the community since 2018 and recently became the second ever community member to attain the “Aficionado” badge on our community forum, only achievable by visiting the forum for 100 consecutive days - that’s more than three months! With all that time spent being involved in the Rasa community, what exactly has he been up to?

Jitesh has been actively supporting fellow community members through answering technical questions and guiding others to solutions. Be it through documentation, video tutorials, previous forum discussions or his own projects such as open source chatbot widgets or the Entity Extractor.

He even has his own YouTube channel DigitalBreed. When we asked him what inspires his video ideas, he told us “I look at the most frequently asked questions on the forum, what our community needs help with the most and create a video tutorial and share it with everyone” Helping others comes naturally for Jitesh, he’s a true community hero, and if what he has achieved over the past year is anything to go by, we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for him.

Thank you, @JiteshGaikwad! :star_struck:


congratulations @JiteshGaikwad :blush:


@JiteshGaikwad bro really deserves it and I already mentioned that rasa team should Identity his handwork and also provide a link to his GitHub web chat which is amazing. He is really a cool guy. Hope more reputations should come in his way. Congrats @JiteshGaikwad bro.


Thanks @Emma and thanks to the community. I hope to continue the same and with more efforts to help and improve the community with all my best :blush::pray:


Thanks @skjainmiah :blush:

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Thanks @Beherasaptami :blush:



This what I want. Now its very much happy to see his youtube channel and Github. Superb and thanks to @Emma to show this message.

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Thanks @hello-code :blush:

Congrats @JiteshGaikwad :slight_smile:


Thanks @svshubham01

very cool front-end stuff! and static JS so basically anyone can throw it on their site right away, even a wordpress blog!

lots of features too. Thanks @JiteshGaikwad


Thanks @dcsan for using the Widget :blush::pray:

Congrats @JiteshGaikwad


Thanks @yashim77