Jonathan Wheat join the Rasa Hero group!

Hey Rasa @ community

Today we welcome Jonathan Wheat into the Rasa Hero group! :rasahero:

@jonathanpwheat has been an incredible support on our community forum and encouraging the great work of others.

Many people using Rasa frequent our forum looking for answers to their technical questions, Jonathan has not only been welcoming, but also has offered many solutions to unresolved questions and those looking for guidance or help.

He’s been active in our community since 2019, and he doesn’t stop at sharing his own expertise with others in need of assistance, but he’s also showing incredible encouragement to projects created by fellow community members using Rasa Open Source and Rasa X.

He’s even taken the time to share his feedback and create tutorials, such as this one on splitting your actions:

You can follow Jonathan on Twitter here.

Jonathan is an incredible example of what it means to be a Rasa Hero, we’d like to thank him for being an awesome member of our community!

Learn more about our contributor program, the perks and the many ways to become a Rasa Hero via our blog post:


Thank you @Emma for the kind words :heart: I love using Rasa and hope to continue helping where I can.


Congrats Jonathan!


Thanks Chris :slight_smile: