How to sent message to other user in Rasa?

Hello @community @Rasa am now create HR chatbot and i want , " When user appiled for the leave then chatbot give automatically notification to HR for approve or denied leave"

My question is How chatbot can sent message(like when user applied for leave then chatbot send notification message o HR) to other user in Rasa?

Thank you in advance

You will defintely have to setup some kind of backend server for that - maybe it’s possible to extend the Rasa Action Server accordingly.

Quick concept out of my head: When the user finishes his application, a custom action is triggered that will post the application details to some server. The server sends a notification to the HR frontend to pull the application details from the backend and notify the HR employee.

Although I’d think about implementing two different bots for applicants and HR, to keep things more clearly seperated.

EDIT: my thought process was a bit flawed, changed it accordingly