Help multiple user interacting with same stories

i have uploaded my chatbot. if one user is in between a conversation(stories) and if other user start the conversation at that time the he will also be interacting with that same stories .

What does your sender_id look like? Could you show how are you are sending user messages to Rasa?

i am using js for that

function send(message) { console.log(“User Message:”, message) $.ajax({ url: window.origin+’:5005/webhooks/rest/webhook’, type: ‘POST’, contentType: ‘application/json’, data: JSON.stringify({ “message”: message, “sender”: “Me” }), success: function (data, textStatus) { if(data != null){ setBotResponse(data); } console.log(“Rasa Response: “, data, “\n Status:”, textStatus) }, error: function (errorMessage) { setBotResponse(””); console.log(‘Error’ + errorMessage);


I think you need to format that correctly for us to be able to read it. Please use the coding formatter symbol on top of the text box: </>