How do you share different RasaX links to different users on the same machine

Hi everyone, I am new to Rasa X.

I have a web based login system and I plan to integrate the Rasa-X ‘share’ chatbot UI to it. For example when a user logs in to my website the next screen they are faced with should be the Rasa X Chatbot they have been Invited to. Normally this is fine if Users are in different machines, but I believe if a user was to logout and another user was to login in the same local machine, the same conversation history would be displayed that the previous logged user had with the chat bot.

How do I overcome this?Also is there a way to generate a unique link for each user to the test the bot so that conversation is saved for that specific user? or at the minimum have the conversation erased each time a new user logs into the same local machine.

Hi @student99. If you are talking about the share your bot feature in Rasa X, the user is currently determined by the web browser cache. If they are logging in and out of a machine, I imagine they will have different users (and different web browser caches)? If not, then maybe look at this thread :slight_smile:

Thank you, I have decided that I will try to use a custom JavaScript UI instead, which might solve my issues once I figure out how to map a username to a conversation id.