Rasa X Share with Guest Testers Unexpected Behaviour

I’m using Rasa X for improving my chatbot. I’ve been testing it over and over with Interactive learning on “Talk to my chatbot” tab and was finally ready to share it with guest testers.

Unfortunately, after I generated the link and made people try my bot, I realised that its behaviour was terrible! In many cases it returned responses to intents that were completely wrong. The “funny” thing is that if I tried to reproduce the exact same conversation on my “Talk to my chatbot” tab, everything worked fine!

Could you share some more information about your set up?

I followed this guide and then added the Integrated Version Control.

Hi @tiziano. Are you sure that you were using the same model in both instances? Can you share screenshots of an example of this happening?

Hi, thanks for your reply. Maybe I had to let it the time to update, I don’t know, but now it seems to work. I’ll surely send you the screenshots if this will happen again.

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