RASA X: Sharing the bot with multiple users and testing


I am trying out RASA X capabilities based on the master class videos and have few questions.

  1. How do I share the bot with different users in a different environment? Say, I have developed a bot on my local system and I want to share the bot for testing to a user on a Windows Server.
  2. Is there a restriction with the number of users that I can share the bot with using the open-source version?
  3. How does RASA X save conversations from all the users? Say there are 3 different users testing the bot, do I need to capture the bot conversations (stories) from each user separately and then re-train the model?

@souvikg10 @JiteshGaikwad Any pointers on this?

I tried to answer your question within

@souvikg10: I have the following questions:

  1. How do I give access to multiple users to my bot developed using Rasa and Rasa X ? a. We are trying to give access to multiple users to stress test the bot as well as utilize the feature of Rasa X UI for story logging. Is it possible without using Docker ?. When I say docker I am assuming it must be orchestrated by kubernetes(For auto scaling and load balancing) meaning bot is deployed on Kubernetes using recommended methods in Rasa website. Is there any other way ?

  2. Can we deploy a bot in Production using Docker alone(we will need load balancing and autoscaling ) ?

  3. How can we give Rasa bot access to multiple users ? Is there any option in Rasa community edition to add users ? Does Rasa enterprise allow us to create multiple users using the single bot? Does RBAC model of Rasa play crucial role here ? My assumption is testing , annotator and admin are the users added in the admin console of Rasa enterprise. Multiple users on the single bot feature available only in Rasa enterprise or is it available in community edition as well. If it is available in community edition how are we supposed to run the Rasa (RasaX server), do we need to deploy it ?

Could you please let me know? Thank you in advance. I am working on a project where these questions to be answered.

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