Specifying sender_id for rasa-x guest testers

I was wondering if it would be possible to have the “share with guest testers” functionality in rasa-x allow you to specify a sender_id that those request would come in as?

I’m developing a bot which requires a user to be registered with our system and when messages come in from any channel, we look up the user by the incoming channel_name + sender_id. For guest tester conversations however, they all come in with the same sender_id which prevents my use case. A workaround for that is to bucket all of these conversations under one single user in our system but that seems limiting.

I was wondering if the guest tester links could be unique and could encode a user specified sender_id when they are created by a rasa-x user?

The guest tester functionality is otherwise fantastic and it’s just this one little missing piece that prevents it from being perfect for us. I’m curious of what others thoughts on this are.

Thanks in advance.

Hm, they should show up as different sender IDs as long as they’re being opened by different users. Are all of the messages coming in from the same tester in the same browser?

Hi @erohmensing,

Sorry, I may not have been clear enough with my initial message. It does look like the sender_id is being sent as what appears to be a uuid on a per browser session basis. I guess what I was wondering is whether that unique sender_id could appear to the user that is creating the shared link before they give the link out to a specific user? Potentially answering my own question… It looks like the generated link itself is not unique as it appears to be the same no matter how many times I generate it (I’m using Rasa X CE btw).

What I’m looking to achieve is to have each Rasa X testuser have a specific user experience. So I’d like to be able to create a user in our backend system, then create a shared link and associated Rasa X Testuser sender_id and finally associate this sender_id with our backend user. This would allow us to detect which user (in our backend) to perform our custom actions on behalf of.


Aha, okay. To answer your question, indeed the link generated stays the same, but different users will be assigned different user IDs. At the moment, it isn’t possible to assign the user id before sharing the link. I’ll bring that feedback back to the team though, thanks!

Hi @erohmensing,

Thanks for the clarification and for the consideration of the feedback.

The issue isn’t a blocker for us as we can group all “guest testers” to a single backend user in our system. It just means that all of these guest testers end up seeing the same shared (per our backend user) state.

Thanks again!