Generate conversation id for open source rasa chatbot

how can i use rasa x generated conversation id into rasa chatbot. any alternative solution to generate different session id/conversation id for different user.

If you open Rasa X in an incognito window, or share a share your bot link and do the same with that, each of those will be different sessions and therefore different conversation IDs.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean with “different users” though. If you are logged in to Rasa X, you are only one user. If you share the share your bot link with other people, each of them is automatically a different user if they are not on the same machine & browser.

thanks for your reply.

i want to retrieve conversation id using my chat-widget what i am getting in rasa x for e.g "7c337ac729ef4318b388687bb9a41f0f " this random string for my user. As my chat-widget is call ajax request in that i have data: JSON.stringify({ “sender”: “user”, “message”: text }) so i am getting each time conversation id = user as i am having sender = user. Please check below image you can see "the conversation is user: which comes from JSON.stringify({ “sender”: “user”, “message”: text }) this code.

Can anyone help me ?