Help sharing bot with test users


I am new to Rasa but I’ve been working on a chatbot for a class project. I am having trouble with the Rasa X “Share with test users” option. Am i understanding this correctly in that the generated link only works on your local machine so in reality anyone else not on your computer cannot use the link? I have been trying to setup ngrok but Im having some trouble with exactly what to do on the Rasa end to allow users to test the bot. Users who are on their own computers in various other locations. Can someone help me with this?

Best, Kit

Won’t be easier to host it on a server? I don’t you should share the bot via a tunnel to your local machine for a longer period of time. it is not very secure.

You need a server with the following configurations

Deploying on a server would definitely be easier however when doing a quick demo the Docker process is a bit involved. I was able to get it working using ngrok and had my class demo my ai assistant.

hey can you share the process , like how did you setup the entire system so that other users on different system can also access it.