How do I show the names of the conversation participants?


I wanted to know if there is any way to register the name of people involved in the conversation in the Rasa X Community version.

(e.g. instead of Tester, show the name of the members involved).

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Hi there @miohana, as of now, I don’t think there is a way to do this. These are testers from Share your bot, is that correct? Right now, those testers don’t enter their names anywhere.

Yeah @erohmensing, you’re right! People that are testing on the Tester platform cannot enter their names.

But, imagine that I’m gonna use just the Rasa API’s, into my own system, so the Rasa X is gonna be my administrator interface and will get all the conversations. Is there any way to get the names of people that are talking through my API and show in the Rasa X platform?

Can you elaborate on I’m gonna use just the Rasa API’s, into my own system? Do you mean with the rest channel input? If so, the sender id of the person will show in the stories in the conversations tab: ## conversation with 2dd.... in the story name here