Is there a way to show user name and picture in Rasa X if the conversation comes from Telegram?

As the title says, I’m using Rasa X and would like to see the user image and name from Telegram in “Conversations”. Is that posible? Currently it only shows “telgram” and no image. I read this functionality was deprioritized from Rasa. It is still the case?


Hey @zfunction

The current implementation of a Telegram connector doesn’t support images from the users.

Hi @degiz, thank you for your answer. Is it planned to be implemented?

Hey @zfunction

I don’t thinks so. Also, It’s not very clear what to do with the images and other files users can attach, since Rasa Open Source operates with text.

Could you describe your user case?

Maybe I expressed myself wrong. I was referring to the profile picture and username that appears in “conversations” to identify the user, not pictures or other files sent by chat.

Though now that you menctioned it, being able to process files sent by users could be a useful function. E.g. sending an image to a bot to process it and then return the result.