Specify sender_id

Can I set the sender_id when using the “Talk to your bot” option in Rasa X?

Hi @dadecoza no, the talk to your bot screen is intended for only you, the user of rasa x, to talk to the bot. If you would like other people to talk to your bot, you can try using the “Share your bot” functionality :slight_smile:

Also, if you’d be up for it, we’d love your feedback on your experience with Rasa X so far: Product Feedback - Rasa X

Hi @akelad,

I already did the survey and did a small write up on A place to share the feedback on the Rasa X. (It was maybe not the correct place)

The reason why I need to change the sender_id is because all our users are identified by our domain username and depending on your username you will get different responses. I have a work around in place. :wink:

Thanks for the response!

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Awesome thank you so much! Got it, I think that would probably be something to do for a custom channel connected to your bot. Since the “share your bot” screen is more about getting people to test out your bot rather than talk to it when it’s live. What kind of workaround do you have in place right now?

in my action that tries to lookup the users details I added a check for sender_id and if it is “me” the bot will replace it with a valid username. This way the testers will at least get some profile data back even if it is not based on their specific user.