[Solved] Rasa bot initializes itself with some random intent

Hi, I have built a flow and I executed it on the UI using socket.io channel. At initialization the bot automatically encounters some random intent and respond accordingly.

Below is the snapshot:

Here the bot is giving a response without any user input.

I believe this particular UI sends a message when the UI is opened. you should turn that off in the code of the application or specify the intent you want to start with (e.g. greeting)

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Yeah thanks @Remy. I will look into that and get back to you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Get back to me if it worked!

Yeah @Remy it worked for mrbot-ai/ rasa-webchat. Now it’s not giving me any initial message.

In my index.html file I commented this line:

//initPayload: "/get_started",

Good stuff! Now if you want to open with a ‘hello’ or something, just uncomment that and make the payload “/hello”

Yeah I did that But it’s not working for payload /hello. So where do we define this payload?

The payload described in the index is just an intent that gets sent with 100% confidence. For instance, if I’d want the chatbot to open with ‘hi there’ I define my stories as:

## initialize
* hello
  - utter_hi

Then put the intent ‘hello’ in your domain file. Then change the index.html payload to /hello

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Thank you very much @Remy. It is working fine. Thanks for the solution pal. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: