Creating new Bot


I’m planning to create new chat bot using rasa nlu and rasa core, but i’m confused how to develop using rasa core on my existing web application.

Example : Under Windows Desktop framework we have existing multiple web application like Project A, Project B, Project C and Project D

Below is my question on new chat bot development.

  1. Should i need to create single NLU model , stories and Domain files? Or Is it possible to create separate NLU and Domain files based on project?
  2. How to select NLU Model and Domain files dynamically based on project they have selected?
  3. Is rasa core support multiple domain at same time?
  4. All my web application are in .net, So how to create Action and point that action to .Net web API service?
  5. How to create Custom Rest Channel?

Any one please help me how to create chat bot on this requirement?

any suggestion?