Integrating Rasa core with Rasa NLU

Hi All, I built a chat bot making use of rasa_nlu for NLP part and a node.js script for the replies based on intents. But now i constructed a model by making use of rasa_core.Can someone help me how to integrate this rasa_core model into the chat bot which i built earlier.

It depends if you have your chat bot on facebook or slack or you are using bot framework then rasa provides with connectors for that-

and if you have a custom UI for chat bot then you will have to use your rasa model as an http server

if you have any issue you can ask :slight_smile:

thanks for your response.I have custom UI for my bot and i am running it in my local(http://localhost:8080).Can i get an example link where rasa NLU+core were implemented.

this can help you

and for creating http server you can refer above link for http api . In the newer versions of rasa i.e from core v-0.11 rasa acts as a middleware so in order to get responses to your middleware “/response” can help you in getting the responses from the bot for a user query rest all the responses will as usual be contained by action server including API calls too!

Hope this will help you in getting started rest you can ping!