A Chatbot Framework built around Rasa NLU

(JG) #1

Hey all, I found an interesting Project by Jack Dalrymple Hamilton, please do visit the the repo,

You can check the demo @ https://www.talk.jackdh.com/


(Jack) #2

Hey that’s me!

Thanks for the shoutout, please ask me if you have any questions!

(Brock Tibert) #3

I am looking forward to playing around with this. Knowing that I haven’t tried to spin this up, my question is around Rasa NLU and Rasa Core. Are you leveraging Core for this project? It seems like the references are to NLU, but I am not clear how the bot runs without core? Looks fantastic.

(Jack) #4

Hey @Btibert3,

Sorry for the massively late reply, My email provider was junking these forums emails at the time!

So no sorry no Rasa Core yet but I’m open for integration!

(Jack) #5

As for “Running without the core”

It is based of the Intent / Entity system IBM watson uses.

The NLU will give the intent of the reply and based on that Rasa Talk will filter down to the correct response to the user.