A Chatbot Framework built around Rasa NLU

Hey all, I found an interesting Project by Jack Dalrymple Hamilton, please do visit the the repo,

You can check the demo @ https://www.talk.jackdh.com/


Hey that’s me!

Thanks for the shoutout, please ask me if you have any questions!

I am looking forward to playing around with this. Knowing that I haven’t tried to spin this up, my question is around Rasa NLU and Rasa Core. Are you leveraging Core for this project? It seems like the references are to NLU, but I am not clear how the bot runs without core? Looks fantastic.

Hey @Btibert3,

Sorry for the massively late reply, My email provider was junking these forums emails at the time!

So no sorry no Rasa Core yet but I’m open for integration!

As for “Running without the core”

It is based of the Intent / Entity system IBM watson uses.

The NLU will give the intent of the reply and based on that Rasa Talk will filter down to the correct response to the user.