Can i write seperate webservice for RASA Diagloge core

Hey , This is Murugan , i have an doubt , I did separate webservice for RASA nlu model , my doubt is how can i write separate RASA core for separate webservice ? if yes , lets share yours ideas ,

Note : here with i attached my separate webservice for RASA NlU (781 Bytes)

Thanks in advance …


Can you please give us a bit more information regarding your use case / setup?

  • Which library versions are you using? Are you still using rasa-core / rasa-nlu or already using rasa?
  • What are you trying to achieve (why do you need your own webservice in addition the existing rasa api?

@Tobias_Wochinger thanks for your response , actually i am doing custom chatbot developement , so i need piece piece of a service … actually i did nlu_webservice , now my question is how can i give my nlu inputs(intent to rasa core )? actually rasa.agent do all the things , but i need seperate …i.e message–>nlu–>Core , and i have an doubt what this line says , interpreter = NaturalLanguageInterpreter.create(‘models/nlu/default/current’) and what is the output ?

actually i am doing custom chatbot developement

That’s totally fine, but when you are trying to parse messages with NLU, pass it to Core, then it seems like exactly what rasa is doing :wink: Which parts of the chatbot do you want to customize? And can you please my answers from above?

Maybe this part of the docs can help you Jupyter Notebooks.

Thanks @Tobias_Wochinger i want to customize only RASA core part, …internally nlu sends higher intent and confident in to rasa agent right , , now my question is i need to edit the 1st three intent to rasa core

Wouldn’t it be easier to write a Custom NLU Components in that case or to use the Mapping Policy to modify the tracker?