Rasa multiple chatbots in a single project

Hi, For my use case there are two end users 1) Customers 2) Suppliers is it possible to create two bots in a single project i.e. i want to have two separate domain.yml, nlu.md, stories.md, one for customer and another for supplier.

Also can i pass arguments say domain1 and domain2 in rasa train commaind . example rasa train -d domain1.yml nlu1.md stories1.md rasa train -d domain2.yml nlu2.md stories2.md

Hi @vin0108, if your assistants will be totally independent from each other and you just want to store the files for the two different assistants in one location that should work without any problems. As you already mention you can pass arguments to all rasa command line tools to specify what files to use (see https://rasa.com/docs/rasa/user-guide/command-line-interface/). However, if you want to have just one assistant with multiple user goals, I recommend to take a look at Meta bots: why they're probably not the solution to your problems | Akela Drissner - YouTube. Hope that helps :slight_smile: