Change localhost:5000 to ipaddress:5000 in live VM server

Hi, I want to change the rasa server url from http://localhost:5005 to http://ipaddress:5005 so that my server is hosted globally not locally.

Hi, you need to DNS and connect your server to the internet.

This question is not related to Rasa, you may find more info on websites like StackOverflow and SuperUser.

As long as your server is connected to to your device (via LAN, Internet, or other), you can access it via http://serveripaddress:5005.

To get your IP, run ipconfig on Windows Terminal or ip addr show on Linux (and maybe Mac) Shell.

@ChrisRahme Hi…I am trying to start rasa server at instead of http://localhost:5005…where do i need to configure this wrt rasa?

Again, this is not related to Rasa. This is server stuff.

As long as your server is connected to to your device (via LAN, Internet, or other), you can access it via

@ChrisRahme But when i run the command rasa run, it shows that the server is up and running at localhost:5005 whereas I trying to use ip address to connect it to webex channel it is not responding

@ChrisRahme Localhost ip address is right? the server is at that ip address…but i want it at a different one

Yes of course, but it still has an IP.

Is your server available on the Internet or just LAN?


No. You can think as “ is localhost” as “here is my home”.

Does that mean that everyone calls your home “my home” and say it is “here”? No, only you.

Only you (the server) would say “here is my home” (“ is localhost”). But someone else (another device) would say “562 Sunset Drive is Akhil’s home” (“ is Akhil’s server IP”).

If I enter on my public server, it will take me to my public server. If I enter it on my private laptop, it will get me to my private laptop. If I enter (example) anywhere, it will get me to my public server - as long as the public server is, in fact, public, meaning available on the Internet.

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@ChrisRahme Yes it is on internet…I will check from server side if there is an issue…also how to change from http to https wrt localhost?

You need an SSL certificate. How do you get one? No idea.

Again, I am not a server expert and this is unrelated to Rasa,

@ChrisRahme …Okay Thankyou so much for your help

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@CAkhil Hi, can you tell me what is your frontend?

@nik202 Hi, I am using the rasa bot in both msteams and webex channels.They both require global hosting to communicate with rasa bot

@CAkhil Rasa bot? Not get you ?

@nik202 I am using webhook to communicate with my bot from msteams or webex, for which i need to globally host the server at which rasa is running(port 5005).Right now i am using ngrok but i want to use a VM server

@CAkhil Is your bot is running on server or local machine?

@nik202 Right now it is running on my local machine…I want to run it on my VM which has its IP address with port 5005 on internet so that the bot will be up and running on msteams and webex without using ngrok

@CAkhil for that you need to install rasa or rasa x on server machine, but on server ( rasa X if you are using run on port 80) and you also need a DNS as already suggested by Chris. While using local machine, you can not make a global deploy for end-user. The ngrok is the only available solution.

Because server runs 24/7 and local machine till your system is on.

@nik202 Yeah this is just for testing purposes with the team .So if i have already installed rasa on the server machine and the model , actions are ready and DNS is also available, what would be the steps?

@CAkhil what is your output channels, just replace that will domain for example : or just you need to try, check the rasa master class video I guess 11 or 12.

@nik202 My channels are webex and msteams …So if my server machine is up and running and is on the internet…i can use http://ipaddress:5005 for connecting with rasa server?