Starting Rasa on remote server

I have developed Rasa chatbot with botfront UI. When I run it using " rasa run -m models --enable-api --cors “*” --debug " , Rasa starts on the server ‘http://localhost:5005’ . I want to run this chatbot on a remote server and since the remote server wont be having a browser, my UI would be on my local machine and it will access the bot using http://localhost:5005.

But how do I change the rasa server from default ‘http://localhost:5005’ to ‘’ ? so that my UI can access this server from local machine…?

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I have clarification how to run the rasa server on (provided static IP and domain name) instead of localhost:5005, my environment is windows and offline environment (there is no access to internet)

any reference to the solution is greatly appreciated… thanks in advance