Change localhost:5000 to ipaddress:5000 in live VM server

@CAkhil No, for that you need a secure channel i.e https and for securing the http to https you need to do a Let’s Encrypt and for that you need a domain name, check this Customize Your Deployment ( Just for your reference)

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@nik202 Thankyou and also to actually deploy the rasa bot globally, which is the best option available?..(i will be using the bot in channels)

@CAkhil If you are student and working on your project then you can deploy on Digital Ocean and Heroku, but if you working for company you need a dedicated server and domain name. Which one is your case, so that I share the resources accordingly.

@nik202 I am working for a company…so both action and core server needs to be hosted right?

@CAkhil yeps, as I can see you are using Rasa Open Source, and let me take you to the steps you are currently doing, do point to me where I am wrong.

  1. You have server can be Window or Ubuntu
  2. Creating the Conda Environment
  3. Installed Rasa Opensource
  4. Clone or build your own project
  5. Train and Run the Rasa Open Source on port 5005
  6. If you have custom action you running custom server on 5055
  7. For tunneling you are using ngrok and copying the generated link and pasting.

Is this the steps you following? or did I missed anything? Yes or No?

@nik202 yes those are the exact steps…

@CAkhil :slight_smile: So do as I suggested and you will be able to Run your project globally. If you have any issue do let us know bro.

@nik202 Okay…Thankyou…could u share the resources which u said u would accordingly

@CAkhil Its for digital ocean and heroku, company will not allow you for this I am afraid. But if you want I will share you later or there are so many resources on Youtube and check Rasa Channel too. I will share for sure.

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@nik202 okay…Thankyou so much for your help…One of my team members was actually exploring docker, would that also be an option?

@CAkhil Yeps, I am working on that too…It will be the best option but it does not mean you can globally deploy, docker will only run your containers like port 5005 and 5055 with the docker image and docker-compose images. If you need any suggestions please open the new thread and I will share you the resources there, as this topic is not related to docker.

If any of the above suggestion helped and motivate you please close this thread as solution for yourself and for others and good luck bro.

@nik202 Thankyou so much…I wil close this

@CAkhil No worries bro, If you not see the solution tick, make sure you change the topic to only Rasa Open Source and remove the Feedback on Rasa Open Source. Ciao.

Valuable links and resources for your reference

  1. RasaMasterclass
  2. Conversational AI with Rasa - Video Series [Latest]
  3. Rasa for Beginners
  4. Rasa Certification Workshop
  5. Rasa Advanced Custom Actions, Forms, & Responses Workshop No-longer accepting enrolment
  6. Rasa Advanced Deployment Workshop
  7. Rasa Youtube Channel Please subscribe and hit the bell icon for notification.
  8. Rasa Github Mini Project
  9. Rasa Masterclass Handbook
  10. Hardcopy Book : Conversational AI with Rasa

I hope these links will help you to learn Rasa!