Rasa X talk to your bot not working

In rasa x I have added some new intents and responses after the model trained my chat bot not responding it’s showing only three dots.please help

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@SumitStwnd can you share the rasa --version and screenshot of the message?


@SumitStwnd its running on rasa x local or on server?

I had the same problem and I used this to set it right: @SumitStwnd

Rasa-X was showing three dots and not responding to any queries.

Changed this in the docker-compose.yml file


@sudarshankamath screenshot of the error and your rasa --version and method of installation?

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@nik202 It is similar to one mentioned in the attached issue. Sorry, I do not have the screenshots.

Rasa X installation via docker. Rasa Version 2.8.11 Rasa X Version 0.42.5

actions: []

forms: {}

e2e_actions: []

on my git repo domain file showing blank arrays

@SumitStwnd did not get you? whom are you mentioning this?

on rasa x domain file showing all utterance in actions but on my git repo in domain file it’s showing me after responses actions: [] forms: {} e2e_actions: []

@SumitStwnd what is your mean issue sumit is it bot not talking or display of code?

bot not talking, I think it’s due to domain file issue because my rasa x domain have domain.yml and /app/git/2/domain.yml for the training issue, I have made changes in /app/git/2/domain.yml file now I’m able to train my model but the bot stopped responding,


@SumitStwnd bot stopped can you share the screenshot? what is the issue?

my rasa x is connected with git repo

@SumitStwnd can you share docker ps

@SumitStwnd what is your rasa X version?

rasa x version is 0.35.0 and rasa 2.5.2

@SumitStwnd can you update the rasa x to 0.42.5?

ok i will update my rasa x,

Thanks for your help and support

Good Luck!

I have that issue as well, i used rasa version:2.8.26, and the rasa x version: 0.42.6. After I changed the rasa version to 2.8.14 based on the compatibility matrix table. it works now.