Brandon Janes joins the Rasa Hero Group!

Hey Rasa @community

Today we welcome Brandon Janes to the heroes group! :rasahero:

Brandon has been part of our community since 2019, and became a contributor in summer last year when he published his article ‘’Conversational AI with BERT Made Easy’’. In this article, he outlines how he uses Rasa Open Source to build an appointment scheduling virtual assistant developed with his team at Kunan S.A. in Argentina. While also sharing an overview of cross validation results when replacing Sklearn-based classifier with Rasa’s Dual Intent Entity Transformer.

He has continued to advocate for Rasa within his own team at Kunan S.A, even getting fellow colleagues excited about contributing to Rasa through code and events, namely Florencia Alonso, and Karen Palacio. :star_struck:

Last November, Brandon gave a talk on conversational AI and Rasa at PyData Global with his Kunan team, and since then has been supporting our Research Advocate Vincent Warmerdam on the Taipo project, it contains tools for improving the quality of data used in Rasa. It can generate augmented data, but it can also check for bad labels in your training data. Brandon has been helping by fixing major bugs and helping to test the outcome for the Spanish language.

Brandon is an extraordinary Rasa developer, and we believe he perfectly embodies what it means to be a Rasa hero. He contributes consistently to our community and supports others on their own journey to becoming Open Source machine learning contributors. :rocket:


Awesome! Welcome to the group Brandon!


Many congratulations :bouquet: to Brandon Janes!

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Hi Emma,

We are excited with this news about Brandon, we are working hard everyday contributing to rasa and building excellent patient experience using rasa technology for our clients!

Thank you very much for this recognition to Brandon!


Daniel CDO at KUNAN SA

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Congrats Brandon!

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Congrats Branden…