Community Memo on Rasa-Pro launch!

Hey Everyone,

I am happy to share that a new commercial product has been released today. Rasa Pro is powered by Rasa Open Source and has been built to effectively respond to enterprise needs for security, observability, and analytics. If you work in an enterprise and want to know more about Rasa Pro you can read more about the capabilities here.

For the Rasa Open Source Community, note that the release of Rasa Pro does not mean we are taking away any features from Rasa Open Source. As a matter of fact, we want to double down on our commitment towards Rasa Open Source by continuously innovating, especially in the areas of NLU, dialogue management, and the extensibility of the framework to support low-resource languages. We have also launched a new website just for the community at:, where you can find everything about Rasa Open Source, the Rasa Learning Center, and the community.

Rasa Open Source is the de facto standard for conversational AI. Since its launch, it has been downloaded more than 25 million times and runs everywhere from startups to the largest companies in the world. For the latter, there are specific requirements that are associated with conversational AI running at scale. Rasa Pro aims to solve some of these key challenges in large enterprises by making it easier to integrate Rasa with other applications and technology stacks, and additionally provide end-to-end visibility into AI Assistant performance and metrics.

We also want to thank everyone in the community for their constant support, and we’re excited to move towards making conversational AI better together.


@sonam, what’s Rasa Plus and Rasa Pro Services and how does it related to Rasa Pro. The announcement doesn’t say anything about either of them but the docs reference them without explaining how they relate to Rasa Pro.

Hi @stephens, The announcement was only about the launch of Rasa Pro. You can refer to this page to learn further about Rasa Plus and Rasa Pro services.

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Hi @sonam, is there a chance to take rasa-pro for a test drive. I submitted application couple of times for a trial, but no response do far. I am mostly interested in the LLM integration and working without intents, thanks