Bot does not respond in Rasa-X

Hi! I’m having some trouble with Rasa Open Source bots in portuguese. I deployed a Rasa-X in a GCP Compute Engine, connected to my repo and trained the bot inside Rasa-X. The training seems to be completed, but whenever I try to talk with it, it does not recognize any intent and does not respond me anything. How can I fix it? Specs:

  • GCP Compute Engine N2-std-4 (4vCPU, 16GB), Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Rasa-X deployed on top of minik8s and monitored via octant, just like the Advanced Deployment Workshop
  • Rasa-SDK 2.8.1
  • Rasa version 2.0
  • config file is provided below

config.yml (1.1 KB)

@fukasawa-abelardo Hi, Can you update the rasa and rasa-sdk to latest; I guess 2.8.1 will help you with rasa-x 0.39.3

I’m already using rasa-x 0.42.1 with rasa 2.8.1 @nik202 :frowning:

@fukasawa-abelardo downgrade to rasa-x 0.39.3 as I suggested, try and tell me. @fukasawa-abelardo Your rasa version is showing 2.0 which is not compatible with rasa-sdk. @fukasawa-abelardo Your config.yml have 1000 epoch seriously? and are you sure you’re config file have right pipelines and policy for your use case? :flushed:

@fukasawa-abelardo I am curious, how much time it took to train the model? :thinking:

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It worked just fine, thank you very much @nik202! And yeah, I did with with 1k epochs just in order to test the workers, it took ~7min. I’m still defining the correct pipeline pieces

@fukasawa-abelardo Happy to help you, Can I request please close this thread with the solution for others. Keep safe.