RasaX detects intent correctly, but doesn't respond at all


I’m running a RasaX instance on a Ubuntu VM. All my containers are up and running, and I can access RasaX just fine, but the bot isn’t responding to any of my messages.

I did a docker logs <container> on all the containers and I found this in the rasa-production container:

My actions server is perfectly up and running as well. Any help?

How did you train the model? Seems like there is no responses section in your domain. Can you share your domain with us?

I trained the model by hitting the big Train button in the web app.

My domain file is exactly the same as what is generated during rasa init

domain.yaml (670 Bytes)

I’ve managed to solve the issue by replacing the app image being pulled. For some reason it was set to pull the demo app (which is outdated, I guess?), and thus was ignoring my “clean” config and domain files. By replacing all instances of

RASA_X_DEMO_VERSION with RASA_X_VERSION in docker-compose.yml, I managed to get the system back up and running.

Mhm, weird. What did you replace it with? Glad that you found a solution :tada:

I replaced the Demo app image with the full Rasa-X image.