Wrong Credentials Post Rasa X Update


I am a newbie and deployed Rasa X (Google Cloud - Docker) as per this tutorial. Everything was fine and I could chat with the deployed assistant until I got a notification about updating Rasa X.

After updating, I kept getting ‘Wrong Credentials’ when typing my login password (see screenshot below). (NB: The wrong credentials warning pops up automatically even before typing my password)

I went through the other topics and tried all (restarting, resetting using sudo python3 rasa_x_commands.py create --update admin me etc.) but no luck. Anyone else with the same problem?


mhm, that’s weird - what do the logs tell you? E.g. docker-compose logs rasa-x?

Thanks for replying. When I run that command I get this:

BTW, I realized that this forum is for rasa open source so I asked for this topic to be closed and I opened another one at the Rasa X Forum.

Weird - what do your developer tools say in the network tab when you try to log in? And what was the result of sudo python3 rasa_x_commands.py create --update admin me ?

Thanks agin. I get the following:

Wow - this is super weird. Which Rasa X version are you running? Did you you try to restart in between?

Thanks again for replying @Tobias_Wochinger I deleted the Gcloud VM instance and re-did the entire thing and now it’s working. I have no idea why but it seems that the brute force method worked this time.

Ok, glad you got it solved :+1: :grimacing: