Why Paused = flase always?

class ActionPaused(Action):

    def name(self) -> Text:
        return "action_paused"

    def run(self, dispatcher: CollectingDispatcher,
            tracker: Tracker,
            domain: Dict[Text, Any]) -> List[Dict[Text, Any]]:
     return [ConversationPaused()]

I have written above code to pause conversation. And I am testing localhost:5005/conversations/{conversation_id}/tracker but in response it is showing me Paused = flase.

RESPONSE “latest_event_time”: 1575887096.8364077, “followup_action”: null, “paused”: false,

Sorry for the late reply on this, so are you expecting when you utter a message of Pause for it to do something or what is the issue being seen here? From that up there I don’t know what this ConversationPaused call is doing in your return.