Returned ConversationPaused() and Now Bot Won't Reply

Hey guys, I returned a ConversationPaused() event in one of my custom actions but when I try to send a message to the bot now it won’t do anything. Is there any way I can have it resume the conversation so that the bot stops ignoring what I send it?

Hi @basil-chatha, yup, that is exactly what ConversationPaused() is meant to do. To resume, you need to return a ConversationResumed() event (Events). You can do this using a reminder or external event - see Reminders and External Events

@mloubser Thanks, however, if the conversation is paused, you wouldn’t be able to successfully hit the conversations/{conversation_id}/trigger_intent endpoint from what I can see. Is there another way to go about it?

Take a look at this answer, I think it’s probably more help than mine =) Resume Conversation after Pause