Which Rasa chatbot widget to use

Which chatbot widget are you using?

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Which one are y’all using? The Botfront one is no longer maintained, right? How do these compare in terms of features, customizability, maintenance, etc.? For example, I’m guessing the official Rasa Chat Widget will be the best maintained, but isn’t as customizable or open-source.


@bradyneal Rasa I guess is also working its own Widget, for that you need to wait a bit longer, the team at the backend is working hard :slight_smile: Personally, I like Botfront and I can easily customised the bot, and they have now fixed version too. Even, If you have knowledge of HTML,CSS and JS you can even try JiteshGaikward chatbot widgets and customised as per your need. You missed one widget i.e chatroom https://github.com/scalableminds/chatroom it have the feature speechRecognition. Good Luck!

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You mean the official Rasa Chat Widget (in the poll), right? It already seems to be online, no?

@bradyneal I am not sure, I will check with Rasa Team!

Is the plan for the Rasa official widget to be published on Github?

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I also had the same question and tried to reach out to the contributors that are listed on npm. But the either don’t work for RASA anymore or don’t respond. I think the situation with the Chat Widget is very frustrating! There are some bugs that make the official widget unuseable.

I just got Jitesh Gaikwad’s chatbot widget 2.0 to work so I’ll go with that for now, although Botfront’s looks really good as an alternative to Rasa X given that it is only available for Enterprise. I liked Rasa X but I’m at a conceptual understanding stage, not even POC so I can’t justify Enterprise just for Rasa X.