No Official Website Chat Widget?

Hi Rasa Team,

I have explored multiple web widgets for UI implementations and faced one issue or other. If I compare these widgets to RASA- X feature : Talk to your bot , that is very well designed. Is this possible to offer official web chat widget based on “Talk to your bot” ?

Official chat widget will make great sense because websites are most common use case for hosting chat bot interface.

Thanks, Amar


Yes , It’s good widget with many great features but I have faced following issues :

  1. It has lots of hard coding inside JavaScript like sender_id and target url . Ideally url should be configurable and sender_id dynamic . I changed CSS and :
  2. Send button near chat window does not work .
  3. I have to click mouse on chat window after every message otherwise typing stops .

This widget has great potential , no doubt in that. But I wish Jitesh allows us to raise issues on his git repo.

hi, @amardeep

Thanks for the feedback but did you checked the latest code, the second issue has been fixed and for the third issue, it’s because I don’t want the user to send back-to-back messages until the bot response to the user query. and talking about the first issue, sender_id is hardcoded because it differs from the application on how they want to set the user_id since this is a sample chatbot widget, I have hardcoded the sender_id, for target_url, If you think there’s some other way to make it configurable, please let me know. since the widget is open-source, you can customize it according to your needs.

Since I’m not working actively, I have disabled the raise issues feature. If you are facing any issues, you can connect with me on LinkedIn

Regards, Jitesh