Rasa Chat Widget Frontend Support

Hi all,

I understand that there some limited options when it comes to deploying rasa on a website. I saw a post by @ChrisRahme (Rasa 3 chatbot integration with website - #3 by ChrisRahme) and I have the following observation:

Most of the frontends have not been updated for at least 1 year, whish raises some concerns when it comes to support and compatibility with new browser versions. I mean, if there is an incompatibility with a new version of a browser, I’m guessing there will be no official support.

Moreover, the official Rasa Chat Widget (Your Own Website) has limited capabilities when it comes to Carousel, dropdown menus, and charts (among others). DISCLAIMER: sorry in advance if I am wrong on this one, but we haven’t been able to create a carousel on the official Rasa Chat Widget, so please advise if otherwise.

So, the question is: Is there any official Rasa partner that provides a supported Rasa chat widget frontend?

Thanks in advance, Kostis


Hi all,

Still can’t believe that no one has encountered any such issue so far. Can someone help?

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Hi @v_kostis The only official widget is @rasahq/rasa-chat and i believe dont have any repository

:cry: :cry:

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