Where did /conversations/default/parse go


Since I ve been receiving messages about my Medium article Rasa Python Weather Chatbot – Coinmonks – Medium not being compatible anymore with the latest Rasa I was looking at the updates and I can’t find where /conversations/default/parse from http interface went.

It seems that I should be using RestInput. However, I am getting undescriptive 500 error whenever I call it on my machine, plus based on documentation it provides only the text of a response where I would appreciate the opportunity to get full information about the entities, slots and intent ranking. Additionally /conversations/default/parse would tell me that Rasa proposes next some action and I could execute the action in my application or decide whether I want to handle the utterance myself or call Rasa again to provide the response. RestInput seems to be very limited unless I am missing some documentation or I would have to spend tons of time figuring out how to develop a new channel myself.

Is /conversations/default/parse removed functionality that is not coming back?