I want know the api end point address for conversation? how to construct the api endpoint for conversation? if i use http://localhost:5005/model/parse/ with request {“text”:“More than 1000”}. im getting an response as { “intent”: { “name”: null, “confidence”: 0 }, “entities”: [], “intent_ranking”: [], “text”: “More than 1000” } in my soap ui

how to get the dialog output? whats the API? whats the request sample?

Hi @prashath - welcome to the forum!

You have a couple of options.

The easiest is to add a rest input channel to your credentials.yml

You can also manually trigger this by adding a message to a tracker and then predicting the next action

Hi Alen,

It works, but only once, if i send the same request for the second time it sends a “Empty JSON content” for the same request, what can be the issue?

Thanks Prashath

Guys, any luck?

Hi I resolved it, lack of training data caused the problem Thanks Prashath