Rasa Server REST Api

Hey guys,

I’m trying to get Rasa working, coming over from using Dialogflow for a while now. Sadly I have not as of yet found a REST route which adds a message to the current conversation and returns the interpreted intent and extracted entities. The only two routes come close to my use case are:

/model/parse : Which does not add the message to the conversation


/rest/wekbook: Which does not return the intent and entities but only the parameters. Would one of you be so kind and direct me to the right direction where I can find the route?

Sincerely Maxim

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Hi @mdolgich, welcome to the community!

I’m afraid we do not have the endpoint you are looking for. However, you can perform two steps to get there:

  1. /model/parse to parse the method and the intent and entities (HTTP API)
  2. /conversations/{conversation_id}/messages to add the parsed message to the tracker (HTTP API)

Does that help?

Hey Tanja, thanks for your answer. That does indeed help me.

One question : Would that not mean that the parsed message is completely independent from the conversation context?

The endpoint /model/parse only predicts the entities and the intent. The conversation history is not needed for that. Only the given text is relevant. So, our NLU model is independent from the conversation history.

If you want to predict the next action, e.g. what should the bot do next, the conversation history is needed and also considered.

Thanks for your help, I think I just need some time to get used to your prediction system since it is quite different from the ones I’m used to.