Rasa 1.0 API equivalent to pre-1.0 release /conversations/default/respond

Hi everyone! I was away for a few months and when I finally got back to work Rasa was on 1.0 release (very happy about that btw, was a nice surprise). I’m currently working on migrating an existing bot, but a question popped up about requests.
I went over HTTP API in documentation a few times and perhaps I’m missing something. I would like to retrieve a response with utterances and executed actions, as calling “{}:{}/conversations/{}/respond” in pre-1.0 release did. Is there an equivalent to it? or the solution is only running the project as a web server / using the rest channel to provide me with an endpoint?

Thank you in advance! :relaxed:

Hi @carla.lmeida, glad to have you back! If you check out the legacy docs you’ll find that this endpoint was actually deprecated as early as Core 0.12.0! The rest input is the way to go :+1: