Understanding RASA dialog flow

Hi Guys,

I think this will be a very basic question. But I’m little confused. So, can anybody help me to understand this?

Assume there is a bot story like below:

User; Hi

Bot: How can I help

User: I want to know the current weather in New York.

Bot: Sure give me a sec…

Bot: The current temp is 20c

User: Thanks

and I’m running the rasa core server and using the REST API localhost:5005/conversations/default/parse to get the response but here I’m not getting the actual bot message responses.

i.e., If I am sending the input as Hi to that API in the response I am getting a json but none of the fields has How can I help text.

How to get that message in the response do I need to use localhost:5005/conversations/default/respond to get that?

Anybody help me to understand the flow.

@tmbo @mjoellnier @momo can u help me?


Parse only informs you what action the engine would take - If you want to see the text , then yes use respond so either its /parse loop /continue (till action_listen)

OR /respond