What are the prerequisite for RASA?

I want to know what are the prerequisite to start developing chat bots in rasa? @nik202

@Mitesh-C Thanks for tagging me Mitesh!

Q: If you can tell me what is your background then I can guide you more.

If you want to learn rasa open source or rasa x.

  1. You need to know some basics about Python (coding), like calling functions, classes, variables etc.
  2. You should know the some basic concept of ML or deep learning if you want to deep dive in Rasa Algorithms.
  3. If you want to deploy your rasa chatbot on Website, then you must know about basic syntax of HTML, CSS and JS. OR there are third party snippet codes for the deployment which you can use such as rasa botfront or chatroom.
  4. You can even learn the basic coding while seeing the Rasa Video Tutorials
  5. Using Rasa X its mostly based on GUI, so its also easy to learn and build the conversational AI chatbot.
  6. If you want to connect the Rasa with databases like SQL or Postgres etc then surely, you need some basic knowledge of SQL databases.
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@nik202 I have a good knowledge in python and have some knowledge of ML too. Will it be enough to start with rasa?

@Mitesh-C More then enough. Just start exploring rasa bro and we are here for your help :slight_smile: @Mitesh-C Please do check some basic projects which I recommended and train your first rasa bot.

I hope the above information will help you! Good Luck! :wink:

Thank you for your support @nik202

@Mitesh-C No worries :handshake: