Questions for clarification whether I should consider Rasa

Hey Community of Experts, Professionals and starters (like me).

I come from a very limited (more precisely, a very basic) background - where I know HTML, CSS, some of Javascript, some of Python. So, when asked that we create a chatbot that would interact and answer to the visitors of my client’s website, my obvious recommendation was RASA because it is done on Python and when I watched a few tutorials, I thought this would be fun and challenging just because it would help me extend.

So here are the basic requirements/questions that would help me figure out a workable plan of action for them -

  1. We have about 30k md files that contain our data. We can convert all of that into XMLs or even SQL Tables if needed.
  2. We would get typical questions from visitors like - what is the price of Pomegranate in Brazil or something like what is the Favorite Fruit of people in Brazil. And as you might have guessed, we would typically require the Bot to fetch data from the XML/ Data table or otherwise (read, from file).
  3. The tutorials we watched on YouTube for now were restricted to CLI (command line interface) however, typically on the modern day, people would want to interact on the Website (first) and if this stage is through, we would consider creating similar for Android / iOS.

As we are a startup, we do not have funds to hire AI professionals and we decide to do it on our own using the OpenSource version (for now).

I am willing to learn, code and invest time for all that.

So the simplest question is - is all the above doable using RASA? And if so, what should be the Key Points I should focus on when learning.

For now, I have been watching the Rasa Channel’s “Conversational AI with Rasa” Series on YouTube and also reading the very basics on the documentation, (though I am barely a day old with Rasa Platform I am hopeful that RASA will be helpful in accomplishing what we are trying to achieve.

Thank you for taking your time out to read a long post. I look forward to getting some positive responses that would help me learn.

Cheers, Sid.