How a beginner should start developing chatbot using ? Are there beginner friendly tutorials other that documentation?

I want to developing with RASA . Looking for tutorials other then documentation

@nik202 Will be looking forward to get reply from you

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Check out their YouTube Channel.

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Yes, have looked over few videos. Appreciated for your contribution

Also look at the Learning Center

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Thank you @ChrisRahme

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Valuable links and resources for your reference

  1. RasaMasterclass
  2. Conversational AI with Rasa - Video Series [Latest]
  3. Rasa for Beginners
  4. Rasa Certification Workshop
  5. Rasa Advanced Custom Actions, Forms, & Responses Workshop No-longer accepting enrolment
  6. Rasa Advanced Deployment Workshop
  7. Rasa Youtube Channel Please subscribe and hit the bell icon for notification.
  8. Rasa Github Mini Project
  9. Rasa Masterclass Handbook
  10. Hardcopy Book : Conversational AI with Rasa

I hope these links will help you to learn Rasa!

I hope this will solve your query and Good Luck!


Thank you @nik202

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