Version migration issue after upgrading to rasa 3 from 2.8.4

I recently upgraded my Rasa version from 2.8.4 to 3.6.20. Everything was working fine in the previous version, but after upgrading and retraining the model, the form prediction didn’t work as expected. The form works perfectly fine at the start, but until the end of the form, I would like it to restart the form unless the user types ‘exit’. This functionality worked fine with Rasa 2.8.4, but after upgrading to Rasa 3.6.20, it stopped working as expected.

Here are the steps I’ve taken for the version migration:

  1. Changed the version in nlu.yml, stories.yml, and rules.yml to version: 3.1.
  2. Added recipe:default.v1 in config.yml.
  3. Used the command recommended in the Rasa version migration guide: rasa data migrate -d domain.yml --out OUT_PATH, and copied the OUT_PATH code to my domain.yml file.

Are there any additional steps for version migration that I need to take?