Rasa Version Migration

Hello , i’m a new user of rasa , recently i was wondering if it’s faisable to be able to migrate from rasa_nlu_version : 0.13.0 and rasa_core_version : 0.12.4 to Rasa 1.8.1 ?

Thanks for the response

Hi @pandaxar. Definitely and I would recommend doing so since there were lots of improvements made to Rasa since then. You may need to adjust a few things like import names of Rasa libraries but most of the things should not be affected by the upgrade

thank you @Juste , i’m so excited to build AI assistants via rasa 1.9.3 , your masterclass course was helpful as well , Racheal too is doing great job , kudos to everyone who contributed in building rasa .

Stay safe . And if there is anything i can contribute to , i can help .

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