Problem with training v1.3.6

Hi everyone, i got a problem with a new training that i’m doing for a client’s bot, what happens is that when testing the training, it does not recognize the storie of the intention throwing the action_fallback.

What do you know about work with a older versions of rasa? This bot was made with the v1.3.6 of rasa.

I tried many things, but in the end the bot recognized the story but then had a problem with another one.


@lupasten You need to update from 1.3.6 to 2.8.1 and if you had written your code in that, you need to migrate also and then need to train the model based on new version. I would recommend, updated the rasa or create the new environment for rasa 2.8 with python 3.8. @lupasten For current version, delete all the trained model and try train the model again and then try.

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