How to change the rasa in this URL to the format in the current version


I found this but the format inside is different from my rasa format

How to modify

My rasa version:

python 3.7.5

rasa 2.6.2

rasa-sdk 2.6.0

thanks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@dan246 you go and activate your conda environment and type this command

rasa --version and you will see the screen on which you will see rasa, rasa compatibility, rasa-sdk, rasa-x, and python.

I think you want to convert from the 1.x format to the 2.x format.

Read this: Version Migration Guide - Rasa 1.10 to Rasa 2.0

Also read about 2.x Training Data Format

I want to know how to modify his rasa into my version of rasa

Thanks, I will read it

@dan246 I still not get you what is your end goal and what you trying to archived sorry :frowning:

I mean

Convert to this format,and make it work

(The examples in the URL make it work in rasa 2.6.2)